Your Marketing Is Your Life

What’s up? How is everybody doing today? Today, I want to talk to you about how your marketing is your life! You cannot be anything without marketing. Marketing is your life and I am going to explain that. Marketing is about getting attention from people around you, you need to get attention from people. It’s about getting people to know your name in all that you do. It’s very, very important.

So how are you going to do that? The answer is through social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram, google plus – all of these things are free to use and they are some of the greatest tools you can ever get to use in your business. There is nowhere else you can go that everybody will know your name for fee! I am using the social media to get my name out there to everybody in the whole of the United States of America as a real estate agent. I have really, really entrenched myself as one of the greatest trainers, moguls, publishers, and the company, realtor masterminds is growing at an incredible pace. Thanks to you guys.

But another thing is realtor matchmakers – this thing is growing up. People are looking for things like this, people are looking for you in the industry, so how are you going to let them know that you are there? Everything that you need to be thinking right now should be about marketing, how you are going to sell yourself. Everybody needs to know who you are, what your name is, what you do.

The very first thing I want you to know about marketing today is to get attention. Let people know you, let people know who you are and what you do. You’ve got to get people to talk about you. So get attention! ¬– by telling everybody who you are! I want everybody to know me on social media, I want to be an authority on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, google plus – all these things have been gifted to us, and we get to use them for free! You need to use these things day in and day out.

You need to get attention, you need people talking about you. Get out there and get those people. In the process, you may get criticisms and you may get hated by quite a few, but it doesn’t matter. Get out there and get attention. Let people know your name! So how do you get people to know your name?

The social media is a great place! You need to make sure that you are sharing the things related to your business on your social media. – Facebook advertisements. It’s no secret how Facebook became a billion dollar company overnight. – It is through advertising. Get those leads in, get them into your sales file and close them!

The six figure funnel is how every real estate agent can make six figures in a day or in a year. And I’m going to release that off today. But you need to take action and break it down into tiny baby steps. It’s not that I need to make contact with 2400 people a year, it’s that I need to make contact with 7 people a day. I need 7 people today that didn’t know me to know me and know what I do, and then tomorrow, I need 7 new people to me in my line of work.

Social media is the platform that you need to get started on what you want to do next. Get the attention, get the criticisms, get the admiration, coz people will eventually admire you. And a lot of people will be talking about you. Marketing is your life! Before you do anything, people have to know what you do. You’ve got to make sure that you are using the social media that you’ve got.

Use your past experiences in your business in order to get people to know who you are and what you are. That you do a damn good job in what you do, and you’ve got proof! And that you can do all the other things. Use the tools that you have. Marketing is your life. Marketing is everything that you ever want in your life. Don’t think of marketing as an expense, marketing is an investment! And you have to make sure that you are looking at it that way. You are going out there and investing. Tell your story every day.

Invest in everything, let me tell you this; don’t pay your bill and then invest, invest first and then pay your debt! Do what you have to do to grow an empire you need to invest in your life, you need to invest in marketing, you need to invest in yourself every single day! If you cannot spend money to invest in yourself, hey! You need to figure out how to get that business up.

Everybody needs to know who you are, what you are and what you are doing! Get out there, invest in marketing, invest in yourself! If you have any questions, now is a good time to ask me. Remember, go out there and get attention. Use social media, use all of it – Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn – use it all! I challenge you to post a minimum of five times a day to Facebook every day for the next seven days!
You guys have a wonderful day. I’ll talk to you soon!

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