What Is Your Value Proposition?

Hey everybody, how is it going? I wanted to talk to you today about your value proposition. Think about that for a second. – Your value proposition. By definition, a value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered and acknowledged. A believe from the customer that the value will be equipped and experienced.

The value proposition is the consumer’s strongest decision making drivers. Your value proposition is what you are, what your value is to your customer. You take what you are, and you take how valuable that is, you can bound that into a group of words to get your value proposition.

What is your value proposition? This is something that you really should consider. Why is somebody going to purchase your services? You are going to have to sell to somebody at some point and I hope you guys recognize that fact.

Knowing your value proposition is something that is huge. Somebody else is going to receive that value of what you do when you describe it to them or when you compel them or whatever that may be. A lot of people make mistakes when they get to the price. When they think their business is growing wide, and so on and so forth, and you can see this in their value proposition. They have a cut in their prices, they start to offer discounts and all that.

Guys, you are very, very valuable and the things that you know about now are extremely valuable. So when you are marketing other people’s properties, you have a serious advantage to the people around you and the people that may be coming into the competition by knowing this. This is everything! Knowing your value proposition and being able to express who you are and what you do, and people will be like: “okay, I get you, here you go!”

So, think about it. What is your value proposition, who are you? What do you do? Think about it, write this down, I want you to record a video of yourself, what is your value proposition? Send them to me. Send me your value proposition, I will love to see it. Who are you? What do you do? How do others perceive your value?

When somebody goes to purchase something, it’s because they think that what you have is at more value than their money. Remember that. If you are going to buy a drink, it’s because you want that drink more than you want your money. If you want to buy a house, it’s because you want that house more than you want that money.

So, why should I let you sell me that house? Why should I let you sell my house? What is it that you do? What is it that you do that somebody else doesn’t do? You need to answer these. Get it out on paper, record yourself, send me a copy, I want to see it. What is your value proposition?

Than you guys, hopefully, you have a better understanding of value proposition, you’re not trying to give any sort of prices here, what is going to come first is a perceptive value of what you have to offer. You are more valuable than 7% commission, you are more valuable than X! What is that? Define it! Do it now. Shoot a video, send it to me, I’ll love to see it. Make your value proposition, send it out through the social media so that people can know who you are and what you do – your value proposition! Bye!

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