Video Recording From Your Phone

What’s up everybody, its Grant Wise here, I am reaching out today to show you how to record a video with your cell phone. It’s very important in today’s marketing age that people can see you and interact with you. Video is a very important part of your social media marketing process, it’s a very important part of any marketing process. People want to see, people want to interact, and to know the voice behind a thing.

So what I’m going to show you today is how to actually record a video from a cell phone. So what you are going to do is to press the camera button, if it’s an android or an apple iPhone. You don’t want to take the video with the phone in a vertical position. The phone should be in a horizontal position.

When you are doing that, you get your camera up and going, just one second here, I got my camera on and the video ready. I get the video ready and when I am recording it, I want to make sure I am holding one side of it. I want to make sure that it is in the right position to my face so that it’s not too much to the back.

I want to make sure that I am looking right into the camera. Be authentic with your message- the message you are trying to get out there. Most times that you go on recording on and on, most of the times, it’s because you are not clear with your message. It’s very important that when you are recording, you speak from the heart. If you’ve got a script, run the script.

Sometimes it takes a little bit to really get familiar with that…..if you’ve got a script to read from, look into the camera. Don’t say “hey y’all”, “hey guys” and so on and so forth. You want people to feel like you are talking directly to them, so you address them like; “hey how is it going?” like you are talking right to somebody, like you are sitting across the table and you are having a conversation.

It’s very important that people can feel on a personal level with you, where they feel like they are sitting in the same room with you, and you’re answering their questions as they probably want it. We ended out a lot deeper when we are talking about answering other people’s questions before they have an opinion of your sales process.

You’re making a video from your phone, remember, you want to hold it up sideways. Sometimes you see people’s videos with black lines on the side of the screen, it’s because they are holding their phones vertically. You want to hold it sideways so that the entire screen is taken up with that image.

Be authentic, express your emotion, if you’re excited, be excited, if you are sad, be sad, and if you are happy, be happy. Express them. Don’t just record a video where you are supposed to be extremely excited and your expression is blank, and you are like “I’m so excited, that I get to do this, this and this.”

Don’t do that! I’ve done that a couple of times, and you don’t want to do it yourself. When you are recording and you are enthusiastic, get up, get excited, so people can feel that. Like I said, they want to feel like they are sitting right across the room from you, and you can do that just with simple videos!

This is a very important part of the sales process, so it’s extremely important that you get this down. Get comfortable being uncomfortable! This is not fun sometimes because you are nervous. This is an important part of your sales process. So get this down, if you have any questions, you know what to do, reach out to me and I will be certainly happy to answer those. I’ll talk to you very soon, you guys have a good day!

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