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Good morning, its Grant Wise here with LIV, what I want to do today is to tell you guys a little story about LIV, how it came about, what it is, what it means. Back in 2012, I had an amazing opportunity through my brother, I learned of one of his friends was in kidney failure. He’s been on dialysis for over a year and it wasn’t looking good for him.

They had some donors lined up and it was just kind of falling through, so I felt something inside me saying that I needed to, maybe get tested to see if I would be a match. I already knew we were the same blood type, and going through some health issues at the time myself, so I gave it a shot. So I called the Mayo Clinic and I requested some samples and they test my blood and we were almost an identical match.

So I then started my journey to Rochester Minnesota, to the Mayo Clinic there. I went through two days of nonstop testing, testing my health, testing all of my inner function, and found out that I was in an amazing health. I was in amazing condition. Of course at the age of 22, I should have been. But, I left there with a donor date.

This entire process, it happened so fast. It took like 45 days from when I said I was going to do it, to when I said I was going to get tested, to making the trip to Rochester, to a month later on December 22nd. I gave away my kidney to save somebody else’s life.

I didn’t have to do that, but there was something inside of me that said I needed to reach out, I needed to help, I needed to do this. I wanted to do this and it gave me so much gratification…just so much inner peace and I’m happy. And two years or over a year and half later now, we’re both happy, we’re both healthy. I ran a half marathon this year, and he’s in an insane shape!


We’re both alive and well today, no problems, of course he still would have his health issues to overcome, and I must keep myself in great physical condition just to ensure that there is no long lasting effects or short term effects that could come about.Earlier in the march of this year, I was house sitting for a friend, and I had a dream; Landan was his name, and myself, my brothers, we were all standing around and we were wearing a shirt. The shirt has this logo on it (the LIV logo). And I woke up.

I spent the next couple of months really trying to figure out what that meant to me and I never get. Since it’s what it means, it means live! Go out and live your life! Get out there and do what makes you happy. Make money if that’s what makes you happy, then it’s not worth it just living ordinary life.

This right here (LIV) makes us so happy. It stands for something, it means something. We were able to give life where life needed to be given, and we’re able to go out every single day and do what we want to do, do what I want to do, live, help…so go out there and live! Live your life, leave your footprint wherever you are, make a mark, take a stand, do it for you. Help other people.

LIV donates 10% of all of its profit, all of its profits for T-shirts and the payroll and accessories sold to charity. We’ve nominated numerous charities that at the end of the year, we compile all those numbers and we will graciously give as much money as we possibly can, as much money that this shirt raise, we give away 10% of that money to help someone else out there, to continue to help people. That brings you more gratification than anything you could ever do.

So I just want to give you guys a little bit of the backstory on how LIV was born, what it means and what it stands for. This has been an amazing journey and it’s not over. We’ve got some great friends here to help us bring this thing to life. It’s already been brought to life, people are wearing it and people love it. So go out there, live your life, leave your footprint! Have an amazing day!

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