The Messenger Effect

Hey everybody, how is it going? I want to reach out to you today and share the messenger effect. As people, there are things that happen when we are actually messaging somebody on Facebook and I want to tell you today how that really affects your business. On Facebook, you want to build your business and you want to stay relevant in decision making, to make sure that we stand firm, always in front of our clients.

When I message someone or somebody messages me on Facebook, what immediately happens is a kind of activity. Facebook then sends your posts actively to their news feed. So, if somebody sends me a message on Facebook and I refresh my feed, the first thing I am going to see is something from them, which is pretty cool.

So when I message my clients, on social media and they are refreshing their feeds, all they see is me! And that’s a good thing! That’s good for you and it helps you to stay in front of your clients. So whenever you are out there and you are messaging your clients, or you are communicating with your clients, you want to try and get that conversation over to social media.

Try and get the conversation over to Facebook. Not only will you be able to track the entire conversation, you will be able to print off the entire conversation which is something that is really hard to do with text message. Every communication on Facebook is recorded, they are pretty much forever and that’s something that you guys really, really want for your benefit, just making sure that people can see what you are doing, they can see it literally all the time.

And the more your messages travel, the more your clients can see that you are out on social media. You can engage your clients and at the same time have your conversations recorded for as long as you are having the conversation and feature on their news-feed literally all the time!

So I want to share with you guys today the messenger effect, just because you don’t have a messenger does not mean Facebook does not know anything about you, so get over it. This is a big thing on Facebook. Having this kind of effect every time you message somebody, showing up in their news feed is very good for tour business!

So, that’s the messenger effect, so, you guys, thank you for tuning in, if you have any questions, you can comment to ask me.

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