Take Off Running!

Hey how is it going? I want to ask you a quick question: who do you think will run faster; somebody with a dog chasing them, big, mean dog just chasing them or somebody with a million dollars at the end of the line, same length as the guy with the dog chasing them? I guarantee you the guy with a dog chasing them is going to run so much faster than the guy with a million dollars guaranteed at the end of his run.

Think about that for a second. The guy has nothing guaranteed to him. He’s got everybody on his ass chasing him and the other guy has got nothing but a million dollars at the end of the tunnel. You can kind of relate this to being an entrepreneur. You have nothing guaranteed to you. Nothing at all is guaranteed to you at the end of that line.


It could be complete and utter failure, you could not be running as fast as you need to and get eaten up, or you could be in a safe environment and know that your money is guaranteed to you, your life is guaranteed…I promise you, you are not going to work nearly as hard as the guy that has to run as fast as he possibly could. Blood, sweat and tears to make sure that he saw success at the end of his finish line.

Think about that. I challenge you guys to go after it and do something outside your comfort zone. Be somebody that you’ve never been before, do something that you’ve never done before…the results are going to be astonishing to you and more than likely, to a lot of other people out there.

Take off running and don’t stop. Nothing is guaranteed to you, so you might as well fight for it, everything you want, do it! Thanks.

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