Stop Thinking, Start doing!

Hey, Its Grant wise here, I had a really good conversation this morning with one of my mentors. And we’re talking about our beliefs and the direction we think things are headed. About two weeks ago, I brought somebody into my business to help me grow on the operational side of my business.

And when we started out and we talked, he said “what’s the plan” like where is this going? What’s the end goal? And this is what I drew him. This image right here. All these scratch around, and so on and so forth. That’s the plan. See, in actuality, the plan is already in place. It already exists. We know where we want to go, we know exactly what we want to accomplish. One of the things you don’t necessarily have an awareness on is exactly what needs to be done strategically to get there, which is why planning and so on and so forth comes into place.

So when I sat down and said “this is the plan”, and when I draw it out like that is because it already exists. It’s just our position and our job to identify each one of those curved lines and developing them into points so that we know; “okay we got here now and we have to go here.”


And so my message to you today is that; whatever it is you are thinking about doing, stop thinking and start doing, and that will become your reality. You will become whatever it is that you are shooting for. There is all these different boxes and all these ideas, and it’s the truth. Who you want to be already exists, you just have to become that person! You have to make a conscious decision to say “I dint want this anymore, I’m going to make this change and this is who I’m going to become. This is who I am!”

So living like that person that you want to be in the future and the plans that we have for business and so on and so forth, these things already exist. We just have to put in the works, put in the actions necessary to achieve the set goal. You can do anything you want to do.

One of my favorite quotes is “your dreams should be so vivid, you can wake up every day and step right into them.” And that’s a reality! Everything that you have to do is decide. The plan is already in place, you already know that you can get there, now you just have to take the necessary action.

So make a decision, choose the life that you’ve always wanted and you will get it. You already have it! I hope you guys have an amazing day and I’ll talk to you very, very soon.

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