My 4-Mile Run

I just finished my 4-mile run, arrgh! I’m hot, I’m tired. When I was half-way through my mind was telling me “it’s okay, you can quit now, you’ve had enough.” It was right there that I had to make a decision; do I want to quit? Or do I want to keep going? And I got to fight with my own mind telling him I wasn’t ready to quit, my body had more and whenever I cross my finish line, I prove my mind wrong. It can’t beat me, it’s a battle that it cannot win.


You guys all want to be like these successful people, these healthy people out there, I could tell you how you could be just like those people as you get up every day and you decide that you’re going to take action. You decide that you are going to sacrifice and work your ass off. And if you do that every day, I am telling you that you are doing exactly what the most successful people in the world are doing every day! Coz they’re waking up, they’re taking action, and that manifests in their greatness. Get up, do it!

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