Are You Listening To Your Business?

Hey, what’s up Facebook? It’s Grant wise here and I’ve been studying all morning and had to call with a client of mine who I really, genuinely value. My question to you today is; are you listening to your business?

Sometimes we are moving so fast and we are trying to do so much and we forget that not everybody may be working at our speed, at our pace, not everybody necessarily understands specifically, and not everybody has really probably seen everything that is going on.

And you know, it really exposes some of the part of your own business that you really have to take a hard look at and that happened this morning, and I’m so incredibly appreciative that my client would stand up and say: “hey dude, what’s going on? This isn’t right, and this isn’t right”, coz it allows me to say: “okay there is a problem, now I have the opportunity to fix it really quickly.” Not just fix it this one time, but now I have the opportunity to install a system in my business that fixes it permanently if you’re doing it right.

And so thank you to one of my clients this morning that called me up. Definitely, I have a piece of my business that I really need to focus attention on at fixing, so that moving forward, those problems aren’t there.

So are you listening to the problems? Are you listening to what’s going on inside of your business? Are you listening to what the industry may be telling you that it needs, what your clients are telling you that they need? And are you taking that advice and using it to install systems in your business so that you can prevent those future problems from happening.

That was a great thing that happened for me and my business this morning, literally like 30 minutes ago. And I want to share how I processed that and how we’re going to work immediately to install those types of systems in our business so our clients always know exactly what’s happening in real time. So thank you. You know who you are, I appreciate you. And thank you to all my other clients. It’s a wonderful day here in Arkansas and I hope you are having a wonderful day yourself.

And I hope you enjoy this message. If you did, share. And don’t forget, listen to your business. It will tell you everything that it needs. Thank you guys, have an amazing day.

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