Light A Fire Inside Of You!

What’s up everyone? Its Grant Wise here, Wise Custom Realty, LIV. I’m just reaching out to everybody today, I’ve got a big, big, day tomorrow, but I had an amazing day today, an amazing morning, and there is big opportunity for growth today. I’m always talking about getting out of tour own way and letting people help you.

I’ve really, really, really suck my teeth into that message over the last few months especially in the last few weeks and I’ve grown limbs and bound to the person mentally, physically and spiritually. I wanted to reach out to you guys today and encourage you to do the same thing, so get out of your own way.

This morning, I was able to hear another message from a pastor about “preparing the launch”. It’s part of their series. I got so much information in an hour that I could apply into my own life. I was all ears, it was amazing. But one opportunity I had at the end of the service was to come forward and give my life to Christ.

I did that as a child, I was 10 years old, I was baptized, my family wanted me to walk down that path and I did. But one thing I didn’t do was to stay on the course. I walked away from it for a few years. I thought I knew what I was doing, I thought I knew the direction that I wanted to go in life. I already mentally knew that I accepted Christ but I felt like something was missing in my heart.


So this morning, when they asked me to stand up, I just felt that I knew going into that service was something that I always wanted to do. And as the service ended, my heart started pounding. I could see my heartbeat from my T-shirt. I knew right in that moment that was exactly where I needed to be. I was going down the path that I was supposed to go down, that God was right there with me, and it was amazing.

A lot of growth happened today. We’ve got some big things coming up tomorrow, some opportunities for some other people and I’m excited. There’s always going to be these chances for you to take in our life, everybody is going to present you with an opportunity, and it’s up to you to get out there and pursue that opportunity.

It’s up to you to make a decision inside, coz nobody else is going to do it. God is not going to do it. God gave you the choice. You have to choose. So I implore you to get out there today, get out there tomorrow, start it, get up and do it, light a fire inside of you that you’ve never felt before.

If you need help lighting that fire, you’re going to have an opportunity very soon. Give me a call, send me a private message, I’ve got some amazing advice for you. If you’re ready to grow, you’re ready to get out there, you’re ready to do…you are sick of where you are in your life, it doesn’t matter what it is; business, personal, health, wealth, whatever your problem is, reach out to me and talk to me about them.

I may have one little piece of information that could just entirely change your world. Coz somebody else had that one piece of information that I needed and it changed my world.

You guys have an amazing day. I’ve had one, I’m going to have one tomorrow. Guys we have big things coming and I hope you’ll join me. Have a good day.

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