How To Upload Custom Audience On Facebook

What’s up everybody, I want to quickly today, show you how to upload a custom audience on Facebook. So that whenever you are sending out email campaigns, you can also upload custom audience into Facebook. So the first thing you want to do is that you want to go to your ads menu. Then click on audiences, create audience, custom audience.

Your audiences could be from an app, a website, excel file or whatever source. One thing you need to take note of is the supported file format. There are a list of them on the custom audience page. You want to make sure that if you are uploading it from an excel file, you want it to be in .txt Format. It’s very important. Otherwise it won’t recognize it. Then you have to name it and choose the type of data it is. Is it an email, Facebook I.Ds, or a list of phone numbers that you are marketing to, then you have to mobile advertiser I.Ds. When you are done, you click create audience. Then Facebook will upload that list for you.

One thing you will notice is that for the number of people that you have on your list, some of them will use that specific email address for their Facebook email address. Facebook recognize that and you can directly target advertisements at them. For example, you may want then to see a new video or anything you want to show them. If you think that they haven’t received an email from you, or that they didn’t open it, then you can say; “hey did you get my email about social media grouping?” you can do the same thing about properties and things like that.

This is a great way to custom market, this is a great way to re-market to people that are already subscribed to your stuffs. This is a great way to reach out to an audience that you captured before but have maybe, fallen off, that you want to make sure are buying your product. So I hope you guys find this very useful, it’s very useful, it’s a very successful tactic that I use.
Thanks guys!

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