How Do You Sell To Somebody That Doesn’t Want To Be Sold To?

Hey, how is it going today? I’m reaching out because I’m curious if you have answers inside of your business that you are really, maybe curious about that you may actually have but you just don’t really have awareness on them. One of the cool things we’ve seen lately is how the market or how the consumers are reacting to pretty much everything.

It’s funny to see that we live in a society that people literarily get mad if they are being sold to. They are like “I don’t want you to call me,” I’m pretty sure you don’t like to be called, a lot of you may have calling within your business model but hate it when somebody calls you. Some people even hate it when people are calling them just to talk. They don’t even want to talk on the phone!

And then you have things like direct mail. How effective is that for you? You have things like billboards or TVs. And the real billboard, the real television is literally sitting in somebody’s hand. There’s so many people that are consuming their television from their mobile platform or from their tablets or things like that. They are not consuming it from a television or sometimes even a cable provider. They may have a television but everything is driven to their Wi-Fi or their internet television.

And they are doing that in some cases of course to avoid cost and that so that they can avoid commercials. And then for some strange reason, they can’t avoid that commercial, they are jumping on their phone and they are interacting with social media by what they just watch, or they are checking emails or they are doing things like this. So at pretty much all cost, they are trying to avoid you. So how do you sell to somebody that doesn’t want to be sold to?

We as consumers are mentally geared to purchase but we want it to be our decision. I don’t want you to come and sell to me, I want it to be my idea, I want to fall in love with this product, I want your story to be something moving to me that I am compelled to purchase or I am compelled to do something that creates that exchange.

And so, how are you struggling with this inside of your business right now? Or are you struggling with it at all? I’ve had a lot of people lately asking me this: “how do we sell to people that don’t want to talk to us? How do we market to people that do not care about us, that just want to look for whatever it is that they want to look for and then make a purchase? They are looking up every piece of information that they can possibly get from their cellphone and then they are doing one of two things; they are going to the store and making the purchase or they are jumping over to their PC or their tablet. More often than not, they are jumping to their tablet and they are making purchases.

They don’t want to interact with you unless it’s their idea. For instance, the car sales; you drive onto a car lot and you are swarmed with people that want to sell you something. And what I’ve seen from personal experience and from just studying is that the dealerships that really are more low pressured, that allow consumers to come to them seemingly do better. No I’ve never seen their numbers, I’m just speaking from pure opinion, but they are not bothering anybody until the client has a need, they have a desire to speak to them. It became their idea…”oh! I need a salesman so I can have these questions answered’’….how is that related to your business right now? How is your client falling in love with you before they ever even meet you? How are your stories affecting the lives of other people?

See, I don’t want to feel like you are selling to me, I want to become entranced with your life, with who you are, with your business, with why you do what you do, with why companies do what they do, with how they contribute, with the things that they’ve brought to life and I want to fall in love with that idea and then, that is when I want you in my life, I need you in my life, I feel that if I don’t have you or have your product in my life, my life will not be what it should be. And this is exactly how your customer is thinking. So how are you taking this knowledge? How are you taking these concepts and ideas? How are you applying those to your business?

I was watching Gary Vaynerchuk last night, and he said; “I urge you, I compel you to market your business in the age that we live in.” Market your business in the year that we live in. Are you marketing your business like you should be marketing your business? Are you marketing your business the best way for you? Or are you marketing your business the best for the consumer?

I have a lot of real estate clients, I have a lot of other clients who have no idea how to reach their consumer because of what we’ve been told from traditional marketing. And now we have all these new platforms that are quickly becoming old platforms while new people are saying “okay maybe we should start this,” alright, you really should have started it a long time ago. Adapt to the change immediately and learn how your consumer thinks and then market like your consumer thinks.
Market your business in a way that your consumer can fall in love with you, that your consumer can hear your story, or hear a story, fall in love with that story, and then be compelled, it becomes their idea they have to reach out to you so that you can help them solve their problems.

It’s no longer “hey! I’m going to call you a million times till you answer the phone….I’m going to do this, I’m going to do that….are you going to see my billboard?….. Are you going to see my commercial…..” some of those methods are still effective, but the absolute single most effective method that is on the market today is the cellphone that is sitting in your client’s hands.

How can you become a walking billboard? How can you ensure that your clients are hearing your story and are seeing your name every time they pick up the phone? That is how you are going to get to your consumer. And it may take a couple of months, it may take three, four, five…and in the real estate issues, sometimes it’s a 12-18 month integration period, but how can you remain in front of those people for long enough that when the time is right, they are going to their phone and they are finally going to press that contact button so that you can solve the problems they’ve had this entire time?

Some may even be doing this without thinking or knowing that you are doing it and it’s just working for you, that’s great, but I’m meeting a lot of people that they are like; “how on earth do I get this new idea in place in front of my prospect or my consumer?” and if you are struggling with those issues, you are not alone because there are a lot of people struggling with these issues. Comment on this post, follow whatever link that may be attached to this video, send me a private message, shoot me a text, however you need to. But just get this system in place so that your business can grow immediately and very, very, very, effectively. Market the way that your consumer wants then to be marketed to, and your business will blow up.

I hope you have an amazing day, I hope you find this a very, very valuable information. If not, great, if so, great. I appreciate it anyway. I’ll talk to you guys very soon and I hope you all have an amazing, amazing day.

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