Leveraging The Cost of Acquisition Business Model To Create Predictability, Sustainability and Consistency in Lead Generation

How The Cost of Acquisition Business Model Can Help You Get More Leads

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I want to take a couple of brief moments to share with you something that we like to call the Cost of Acquisition Business Model. I want to show you how Real Estate agents all over the world are using this very simple system and BUSINESS model to build Real Estate business empires. Most of the time, these people leverage only Social Media. All they have to do is plug in their system and they begin to experience predictability, sustainability and more importantly, consistency. These results can be experienced, month to month, week to week, and day to day; a non-stop flow of leads coming into their business all because they are leveraging the Cost of Acquisition Business Model.

Tonia’s Case Study

I want to introduce you to Tonia Thompson, an amazing friend and client of ours. In Tonia’s case, one of the things we were able to figure out for her was that for every $49 that she spent in marketing, she was able to sell a property. That’s pretty great right? What’s even cooler is how the Cost of Acquisition model applies to her case. Tonia’s average commission was $2,916, this means for every $49 she spent, she closed a transaction and her commission was almost $3,000.

This is where it gets really cool. Tonia, in almost every case would invest 20% of her commission back into her marketing. That means that she reinvested $583.30 back into her business. Now why is this important, you may ask.

Most People Are Not Tracking Their Metrics, and It’s Hurting Their Business

The truth is that we live in a time in Real Estate where most people aren’t really tracking their metrics. Whether you’re cold calling, door knocking, seeking expireds, marketing with social media, flyers, billboards, television, radio, most people don’t track to figure out exactly what their Return on Investment (ROI) is per transaction. This means that they know how much it takes them in order to acquire a client and it helps them to know how much it would cost them to bring in a particular amount of commission. One of the things that Tonia did was that she figured out what that number was.

So, what does the $583.30 cent tell us? It simply tells us that by reinvesting this amount, we’ll be able to net another 11.9 transactions. That’s about 12 new transactions coming from reinvesting just 20% that we got from one transaction, back into our marketing. One more thing that we got as a result of this was that because she reinvested 20% of the commission she got from that single transaction, her Gross Commission Income (GCI) or simply her income, increased from $2,916 to 34,714.

You Can Get Amazing Results Too

I know you are beginning to see how this can be applied to your business as well. Won’t you like it if you are able to take advantage of the Cost of Acquisition Business Model to grow and scale your business faster than you previously though unimaginable? There are some marketing approaches that work nicely with this kind of model, which was how Tonia was able to get significant ROI and spend very little dollar value to make that happen. I would absolutely love to show this to you too. I want to show you how you can spend a certain amount of money in your business and bring in a certain amount of commission, and if you’re ready to reinvest such funds back into your business, you will be able to scale and build a Real Estate empire. You will be able to create predictability, sustainability and consistency that you’ve been looking for.

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There is an opportunity that’s currently available to you, an opportunity to schedule a free call with us so that we can sit down and know a little bit more about the numbers in your business so that we may be able to figure out what you should be spending in your marketing today and how you can reinvest the funds you get in order to scale and grow your business pretty fast. We even want to give you some of the marketing tools that Tonia has used to sell a home for every $49 that she spent in marketing.

You can do two things, you can click the button below to schedule your call and we can jump into your business and we can show you how this applies to you today. Or, you can continue to work extremely hard in your business without really understanding how much your business is costing you, or where the business is coming from and how you can scale that.

Now, I am not telling you that for every $49 you spend, you are going to make $2,916. I am not making that guarantee, there are various factors that will determine your results. I just want you to know that this type of model exists in your business today, all you have to do is to figure it out. I want to show you how you can leverage this today so that you can build a Real Estate empire as fast as you possibly can. I know that success is something you want right now, so click the button below this and let’s get on a call.

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