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Good morning everybody, it’s a couple of minutes past 7 o clock on Monday, march the 23rd. This is the beginning of the Wise Words motivational series. There is a reason for my attire- my dress. And I hope you guys will see it before I finish this. And what I wanted to talk to you about today was: getting started.

My start early on in life- the beginning. If you will. And by next week, we move on to talk about some other things. First, I want to thank you for wanting to wake up with me, (of all people.)…Like I said, about my start, how growing up has affected my life. I was born and raised in Rogers Arkansas. It was a small town, or at least, seemingly. It seems big, but otherwise, it’s still pretty small.

When I was much younger, I didn’t like to stay inside. Often when people see me, I’ve got my phone on my hands 24/7. But when I was younger, I wasn’t into the video games, I wasn’t into reading, I just want to be outside, literally, no matter what. And one of my favorite stories is that I got really good at throwing rocks and my parents had a neighbor he had this nice big camper that is parked behind their fence, so I would throw rocks and I would hit it. And finally when he wanted to go camping with it, he pulled the camper out and there were dents all over it, broken doors, window, and it was just a nightmare!

My dad told me I probably shouldn’t go near the neighborhood for a while. But I found the passion that I had in baseball early on and I never stopped playing the game. And it has always occurred to me that as I am going through life, I have started things with that similar passion. I finished my baseball career in college, I had to graduate college with my second or third elbow surgeries, and a facial reconstruction that year. And I kind of finished and started some new things.

From what I’ve seen, there was a lot of hate growing up, but all I have ever felt was love and a passion for whatever it was that in my path. I faced some hardships growing up, sometimes there are so many people in the house, sometimes I slept on the couch. And that’s how I went to sleep for a big portion of my life.

I grew up in a nice little home, my family refuses to move, I had lived in the same house since I was born till I was 17 or 18. Through it when I look back, all I can remember is pain. I was trying to get my mom to move and she said – this is the house that you grew up in, don’t you have some great memories here? And I do! I have some wonderful memories there, but I don’t! At the same time.

When you grow through life and you grow up where they are fighting and they are arguing, it’s almost like it becomes programmed into you. At a point in my life, I became almost numb to it, but that was something spectacular to me. My dad and my mom, they taught me some pretty cool things, but a lot of times, it was very unintentionally. And it was up to me to find out the lesson in those things, it wasn’t really up to them, but I did.

I found some amazing lessons early on in life from what my parents did and how they lived their lives to how I wanted to live my life. And so, growing up no matter what I have seen, is a negativity. But I have chosen to look back and see the positive sides to that and see the lessons that I can learn. Moving forward, that’s how I lived my life and I definitely urge you to do the same.

Since we are talking about getting started, that was really how I got started. In life in general, I was a happy dude growing up. I think anybody you talk to will tell you the same thing. I was very diaper so to say, My mother used to say you never could get anywhere if I felt like I was dirty and always trying to look nice, and that kind of get away from me for a while. I have grown, gone through high school, and gone to a college I intended.

When we started out in business, we work all the time. My dad kept us extremely, extremely, busy between baseball and work. It was ongoing, and when I got into business, it was very simple to me. Gathering information was extremely easy, but I haven’t figured out where I could get a house. I just want one house and then I will pay my bills and I could go off the remaining five to six days a week with a good friend of mine.

Something kind of changed through the end of that. I just got more serious about life and I got more serious about business and from there I started out to move with other companies. I never had any fear, it was new and I had passion about it. There is a quote in a book titled ‘the alchemist’ that “everything is easy in the beginning” and I will come to find that everything was easy in the beginning, then you hit these road blocks, these speed bumps, and they knock you off your guard, and that happened a number of times.

I started my Real Estate Company and then same thing. But the point here is that it’s the action taken. And so why don’t you choose to look at things like they are very easy earlier on in life to determine – okay, this is how my life will be forever – it’s just going to be filled with hatred and violence and fighting and arguments. Or you could say – okay, this is what I have learned from this – and I think most people do, but don’t believe life is forever.

And you have to kind of remember those same things as you are going through business. You are going to get started, and then you are going to hit these road blocks, and then you have to make a decision. – Okay, do I want to keep going on like this forever? – And the answer is simply no, having gone through hell for years, I can assure you the answer is no!

Your body won’t tolerate it, it will get very sick, sometimes, it’s going to hit back and so, what do you do? Typically, there are lots of people I have seen who have started businesses that they really haven’t known much about, and so, what are you going to do when you come across a new situation, and you don’t know what’s going on, you don’t know what to do, what you’ve started this company to do. And then, you have to make these decisions.

My point of this morning’s conversation is that it takes action, and in almost every case, imperfect action. And I think that’s where I am coming to with the point of my attire this morning. Hopefully, you won’t see me dressed like this all the time, but, getting started with this motivational series, getting started in the fashion that I got started with is very raw, just sitting in the room, not dressed the nicest…I could have sat and critique this thing for days and days and hours, and probably would have been a lot better but getting started in anything I believe, takes a leap of faith and some action.

Entrepreneurs, they say “you’ve got to be ready to jump off a cliff and build wings on the way down.” And that’s totally true! In my endeavors now, we’ve started some good companies that have done amazing things over the last eight months, but it wasn’t without imperfect actions, just saying – okay we have to start this – we just jump off the cliff and start to build wings on the way down, we’ve done that very successfully and it’s just great.

My plea to you his morning is that if you are thinking about getting started, you are thinking about where your company may be able to go and you may be a 10-year veteran new to the new approaches out there, what are you going to do to grow. Just like Einstein said, the same level of thinking that got you here, the same level of emotions that got you here is not the same level that is going to get you higher than that. It takes an imperfect action to take you to a higher level than you are today!

Thanks you, I will talk to you soon.

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