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“Hey how is it going today? Its Grant Wise here with Masterminds. I’m reaching out to you today, Its Friday which means we have a free webinar today. 1. o’clock, Central Standard Time, follow the links attached, reserve your spot for this free webinar on targeted Facebook advertising. It’s everything you’re going to need to know from start to finish; How to develop an ad, how to target, how to retarget an ad, pixels, funnels…anything that you can imagine.


And you’re allowed to ask any question that you will like to ask me while we’re on this webinar. Not to mention special guest Heath Powell from Grant Cordon enterprises integrated, dropping into this webinar and share some powerful, powerful content on how to develop an effective gridding to help you close more transactions.
You guys do not want to miss.

Follow the link, reserve your spot, and share this link with anybody that you think could use this information. It’s going to be a value packed webinar you won’t want to miss. I’m excited, I’ll see you guys today, I cannot wait, and I’ll talk to you soon.”

The above post is the invitation to the webinar. the webinar has taken place already, but if you wish to see the video, it is embedded below.

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