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What we are going to learn today is how to re-market to people and how to properly follow up on the leads you get. Of course you know how to market to people – you are learning that.

But how to re-market – you know we’ve got a lot of leads, we’ve got a lot of leads, we’ve got a lot of follows that we have to do. And how can we do that the best way possible? We have different kinds of these leads. We have the hot leads, the warm leads, the cold leads and you have just no leads at all- people that are just looking. Those people will sort themselves out. They get out of your system.

Are Your Leads Hot, Warm, Cold or Non-Existent?

Now we have to identify who is hot. Okay, so, who is hot are people are people that are communicating with us actively. They are people seeking, getting an appointment with you, getting an appointment with your lender, getting an appointment with your credit company- those are hot leads. They are people that are seeking you out.

Then you have the good leads. They are people who are interested to be sold on you. They are ready to purchase, they are going to purchase from somebody, they are going to purchase from you. And this is something that is really important to identify.

Then we have the cold leads. They are not very receptive, they are not very communicative, they are interested but they are just looking around, and so on and so forth. And of course, we have a type of lead that is no leads at all.

Once you identify those, what do you do with them? Of course your hot leads are those reporting sales and those determine the closed transactions. The warm leads, they need to be pushed a little bit. Now how can you do that? How can you sell products to these people without being a pushy salesman….how do you close these people?

And of course, that comes with knowing how to close….. But how can you close these people without having being constantly bugging them? Have you ever been looking at something and thinking about purchasing it? – Then you are a good lead. Okay, you are serious, you don’t know if you are going to buy it, you have a little buyer’s remorse….but you are searching for something on your phone or your computer, or wherever, and then it shows up in your news feed.

I heard something the other day; the wife had been looking at stuffs and it showed up in the husband’s news feed. As marketing companies, we have these stuffs on point. We know how to track these things, and so what I am going to show you today is how to track those things. How to not only market to people, but how to re-market to them.

So those leads that are good or that are could – how do you continually stay in front of those people – besides email campaigns, phone repetitions, text messages, video communication…? How else could you stay in front of those people without having to consistently feel like you are bugging somebody?

Retargeting and Pixel Tracking on Facebook

I am going to show you those techniques today. What I am going to do is; I am going to dive in really quickly into Facebook here, I am going to refresh my screen to see if I can find something that I have been looking at lately. – And right now, I have already seen one thing – I have been looking at cars and I can see Nissan advertising on my newsfeed. Looking at the right side of my news feed, I have been in the market for car insurance, and there was a company that I shopped, and it appeared in my news feed.

Now we have this down to a science and that’s the cool thing and that’s what I want to show you guys here. You’ve most likely got in on advertising already, so what do you do to people that you’ve talked to or that you haven’t talked to? What I have here is a list of people that have opted in for our recent campaign. We’ve communicated with these people and have got their information.

Now one important thing that we do is that we figure out why not? I mean what process are they in the voice or in the video presentation of ours? What stage in the closing process are they? We identify that really quickly. So that we can re-market to these people. So whenever somebody goes to one these advertisements, one thing you have the capability to do is to actually track that.

Now, going over to the ads manger on Facebook (Facebook re-targeting and pixel tracking). Whenever you are getting ready to run an advertisement, one of the things that you can do is, you can put in a conversion pixel.

You can go on and create a branding pixel, now, choosing a category of what kind of is this? Is this an actual lead? Have they viewed a website? Is it a website conversion? Have they registered for something? Have they checked out somewhere?

I’m going to just click on leads and name this pixel RMatchmakers coz that’s the name of the site, so I am going to create that pixel, and they are going to send me a bunch of code. I’m going to take that, copy it, and I’m going to paste this inside the pixel tracker of the landing page. So, whenever you do that – and you can do that on whatever site you have. If you have lead pages or landing pages, if you have a website, or any of these things – and of course if you have somebody that is working on your website for you, they can install these conversion pixels.

What that does is that it gets Facebook a registered list of people who have visited your website or visited your landing page. So anybody that comes her, Facebook will track that and you can continually run advertisements back to that conversion pixel.

Now, going back to gathering information, we gather these information and we figure out why. On my page, I see these people in the list of voicemail, and presentation and so on. So what I can do is that I can copy this, and I will open up a new excel file on my laptop and I am going to paste this information there and then save it as a text document, not just excel workbook.

Then I am going to go back to Facebook and I am going to audiences. Now this is really cool. What you do is to take that feedback that you are getting – are they not answering the phone? Are they not receptive? Are they needing some more selling? – create advertisements towards those things. So what I’m going to do is that I am going to create an audience.

Create custom audience >>> customer list>>> upload the document text document you created in excel earlier. Then Facebook is going to create an audience.

What we also do like if we send out big, bulk email campaigns, we take that data and we automatically store it back right here in Facebook. So whenever I go out and I market, for example like the e-campaign I have here, there are 2400 registered email addresses that I had sent an email to. So what I then did was that I took those and uploaded it into a custom audience. Then I created a campaign that says: “hey, did you get my email? I just wanted to tell you about this new revolutionary product that we’ve released, you’ve got to check it out!”

Of course you have to be much more elaborate than that, but then, they do get an email, and then got Facebook advertisement, asking if they got the email. That’s how people do that. Whenever people see what products that you are looking for, it’s because they have attached a conversion pixel in their landing pages and their websites. So they can see how far you’ve gone in the process. They actually have landing pages and they install a pixel right there to see if you actually got to that point.

Then we get to the squeeze page, they install another pixel, we can see how many people got to that point. Now if you go out there and you get 2000 engagements and then you get a hundred leads from there, what happens to the other 1900 people? They came, they were engaged, but what was it that caused them not to fill out the rest of the lead forms?

You can continually run advertisements to those people, to try to sell them on why they should be filling this information. The advertising may be of interest to them but it may not have any psychological need. We have to identify that, and continually advertise to it.

Whenever I have our sales staff write out why they didn’t subscribe or why they haven’t purchased or what step of the sales process they are in. we take that data and we re-market to that. “Hey! Don’t wait, this is why you should do it now” or if they want to wait till a certain point, then obviously, just like I just said, you tell them why they shouldn’t wait.

People understand advertising in different psychological ways. People are visual, people are kinetic, they need to touch, they need to actually use a product. Some are not good with just hearing about it. Everybody learns in different ways so when it comes to understanding what you have to offer in a product, you have to understand that everybody have different ways of taking in the knowledge of what you have to offer and you have to create multiple streams of advertising to get to that.

So it may have just been; “hey I couldn’t actually use the product, so that’s why I didn’t purchase it.” So you are going to run advertisements for using the products they could be like “I couldn’t quite get what you are talking about.” So you run a visual marketing. I think you guys can get where I am going with this.

Using these re-marketing approaches is how the bug boys out there re-target and re-approach you and everybody is always talking. Like “oh my God, I can’t believe this how this is done!” well, this is how it is done! And this is what you need to be doing, this needs to be the soul of your business. There are a lot of people out there and I have checked most of their advertisement campaigns.

There are a lot of people out there who are interested in what you have to offer that is not sold! And we need to get them sold and we have to continually run advertisements at those people, we have to re-target those people and then we are identifying why they didn’t purchase, why they are not ready to buy. Re-target advertisements to those needs. And you will see a serious increase in your closed sales for these approaches. This is big!

So, you guys, I appreciate it if you are having questions. This is important and it is slightly confusing. So if you don’t understand it, please reach back out to me and we can have a conversation about what needs to happen next and how we can get these things installed in your market. I thank you all, I love you all, and I will see you guys later. Have a wonderful day!

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