Good morning Facebook, hope you guys are having an amazing start to your day? I was reaching out and there is this weird (well I guess it’s kind of weird) rule that I live by and whenever I hear the same word, the same topic…the same anything that I’ve never heard before, whenever I hear that twice in one day, I have to look into it. I have no choice, I have to look into it because in my opinion, it’s some sort of a sign.

So the word that I heard over the weekend was on Sunday was the word excelsior. That word is a noun and it’s used in the names of hotels, newspapers and other products to indicate superior quality. And I freaking loved it. But the reason I have to look into this is because like I said, it feels like a sign and knowing what that word is and what it means, I’ve created a program for it. And it’s going to be a program for high level entrepreneurs and businesses that are looking to grow, but I’m saying this to tell you the world is going to throw you signs daily. Especially when you are asking for them and if you pay attention to what’s coming in your direction, you’re going to get what you’re asking for.

You are going to have to work for it, but you are going to get what you are demanding out of the world, and I just want to relay that message.
Look at what’s coming at you whatever you are asking for, you are going to be tested for it and most likely you are going to be tested for it immediately. But if you want it bad enough, the world is going to give it to you.

So, that’s my thing for this morning. I hope you guys are having an amazing day? Like I said, look at the signs. What’s the world telling you? What’s the world testing you for? What are you trying to create and what are you going to be tested for? You guys have an awesome day, I’ll talk to you soon.

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