Don’t Be Afraid To Share Your Story

Hey, it’s Grant Wise, Wise masterminds. It has been an eventful day, I mean it was a busy day, an amazing day, we had lots of stuff happen today for the good, a lot of big things coming with Wise Custom Realty, we got a new member with wise masterminds, things are growing, things are picking up at an accelerated rate.

We have the power of social media, the power of what we are doing, it’s really taking off. I can’t wait to share with the people that are really buying…not really buying but that are committing themselves to this program, what it’s going to do to their lives…our lives. I just left the church tonight, I am going on a mission trip in September to India and I’m so excited about that.

One thing that we got to do tonight was share our personal testimony, share our story. Ten guys in a room, and just all coming together and sharing how they came to know Christ. Sometimes it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s not easy to share your story, it’s not easy to share your struggles, the battles that you’ve gone through and where it has put you now.

What position you may be in, a position whether you like it or you don’t like it. And that’s my message to everybody today; don’t be afraid to share your story. Your story is who you are, it’s where you came from, where you are going, it’s what you want to do. Your story is everything.

So whether you’re okay with your story or you are not okay with your story, you never know who you are going to inspire by getting your message out there. I have a message on my inbox almost every day now for the last couple of months. Somebody telling me how I inspired them, and how I’ve helped them come out of their shell. Dragging life out of people is an amazing thing, and it will change you forever.

I’ve had amazing opportunities to go out and change people’s lives, and save people’s lives. I’ve been blessed. But it’s because I have no fear of sharing where I’ve been. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve done things I wish I could take back, but I can’t. But it’s led me to the position I’m in right now. And that’s to help you get out of your shell. To help you share your message, to get you to where you want to be in life.

So I hope you guys took from today. Today, it’s amazing, it was eventful. I hope yours was too? I just want to urge you, share your story. You never know who you are going to inspire, you never know what you’re going to do with your story, you never know who is listening, who is watching, who is over there.

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