Creativity Versus Results

Hey Facebook, how is it going this afternoon? I was reaching out to discuss: creativity versus results. I absolutely love to create, I love to bring things to life, to innovate, to take things that are coming to my mind and making them a live creation.

It’s one of the most amazing experiences that I get to have on a daily basis. And my business, I get to do that for a lot of other people which is really, really cool.

But one of the things that I like more than creativity are the results. The results that stem from the action taken to create those things and bring them to life to get the results that you get in the end. And that’s one of the most beautiful things that I’ve been able to find.

So, what are you creating? What types of results are going to come from the things you are creating? What change, what happiness, what joy? How is this going to change somebody’s life?

What do you like more? Do you like the creative process or do you like the results that come from them?

I hope you guys have an amazing day. It’s been an awesome day here, it’s going to be an amazing day tomorrow, I’ll talk to you guys soon.

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