Creating More Traffic To Realtor/Broker Open Houses

How is it going everybody? Its Grant Wise here of realtor masterminds, I want to show you today how you can create a realtor open house event on Facebook and be able to drive more traffic to that event. Most of you already know how to create it, but a lot of people don’t actually know how to boost it through Facebook ads which could bring more potential customers or buyers to that house.

The first thing you want to do is go to your Facebook page and create an event. Give it a title and an address, time and other necessary parameters and click – create event. You can also add a single photo or multiple photos.

Now the next thing is how to drive traffic to that event. You can start by inviting friends. After that the next thing we want to do is promote the event. Typically, you see a lot of people inviting open houses and not just realtors. This is a great way to promote an event and get actual RSVPs, but people don’t take advantage of that. So, we are going to run this event for event responses, and another way that we could do this is to actually go back and run it through Facebook post engagement.

When you look at where your area is, you want to target the cities that are around it, then you select the average age of the realtors in your area, then you select the language that is most appropriate. You can also go over to industries where you will see business and financial operations, you can click that to see people that you could potentially reach.

This is where you are really going to be targeting people you want here you can type in what your business is about. In my case I typed in “real” and the word “real estate” pops up. You want to select all the common search terms for your business.

Another thing that might help you is your exposure to your realtor open house. You should take advantage of this targeted marketing. This is going outside your sphere and helping you to reach more people in your area.

I am not a big fan of big budgets, so you could just let your advert run for two or three days or so. You can spend more money if you like, I typically spend about a hundred dollars, and I reach a really lot of people. So if you’ve got something coming up, this is a very efficient way of reaching a lot of people. You guys should give this a try and let me know how it went. See you guys again and have a wonderful day!

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