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7 Mistakes That Can Ruin Any Facebook Marketing Campaign

There is no denying the fact that Facebook is the largest social network in the world. At 1.59 billion monthly active users, it stands out among other platforms. More importantly, Facebook users are one of the most responsive to marketing campaigns. They are more likely to click on an outbound link than users of any other social platform. In essence, if you’re thinking of running advertising campaigns, Facebook should be one of the first options you should consider.

Having said that, it is also possible to get it wrong when advertising on Facebook. The sheer size of the Facebook community also means that you have many chances of running the wrong type of campaign. Below I have spelled out 7 of the mistakes you could make while marketing on Facebook. And I must tell you that some of them have the ability to totally ruin your marketing campaign.

1.     Being Too Salesy or Promotional

In the first place, you are running a marketing campaign in order to promote or to sell something. The truth is that your Facebook audience can already tell if a post is sponsored or not – Facebook tells them. You will be doing yourself a great disservice if you go ahead and sound like you want to force them to get the product. People are on Facebook to connect with other people, they are there to find out what’s going on, they want to learn something new, they want to discover something interesting.

What you should do is to offer to help your audience first and then allow the sales part to follow. Let it be a mix of different things. Your post could be used to educate them or it could be in form of a question, you can also surprise them or keep them in suspense.What  you shouldn’t do is blatantly sell to them. People are tired of seeing outright promotional ads. They could easily hide it from their timeline and block your posts from ever reaching them.

2.    Having An Overly Broad Audience

One of the very first things you should settle when getting into business is your target audience. It’s the demography you’re serving that should inform your operations. For instance, you can’t be running an online marketing agency and expect all your clients to come in through the doors of your physical office. You will simply be running yourself out of business. An online marketing agency needs to be mostly based online. The same goes for your marketing efforts.

You should decide right from the onset, who you will be targeting with your ads. You should decide who your ideal customer will look like. Is he a 45 year old man with a wife and 2 kids? Is your ideal customer a 50 year old woman who makes $300,000 annually? These are questions you need to answer. You can end up with multiple “ideal customers” and that’s fine. That simply means you should have different campaigns to satisfy the different segments of your audience.

Many of my clients achieve great results by finding out their ideal audience and focusing their campaigns to reach this audience. You can check out one such case study here.

3.    Killing Winning Ads Too Fast

This would be a good place to explain what a campaign means. A campaign is simply a series of actions taken to achieve a particular goal. This means that a marketing campaign is a series of ads that are meant to help you reach your goal – this could be more sales, greater exposure or greater awareness for a cause.

When you launch a campaign, you should expect some ads to flop while others will meet or exceed your expectations. I call those that flop “Losers” while the others are “Winners.”

On quite a number of occasions, I have seen people pull the plug on winning ads and I simply don’t get it. Why would you want to stop promoting an advertisement that is guaranteed to make you money? It beats my imagination every time I come across someone that does this.

What you should be focusing on is how to spend more on winning ads, not less. If it takes you $100 to make $120 (which leaves you with a $20 profit) why don’t you increase your ad spend? If you increase you ad spend five times, you would easily bring in $100 in profit. The way to go is to find a winning ad and to scale it as fast as possible.

4.    Not Getting Rid of Losing Ads Early Enough

In the same vein, I have also come across people who keep running losing ads with the hope that something will happen. Well such people might have to wait some more. I have discovered that numbers don’t lie. You can’t improve your numbers simply by doing the same thing and hoping something happens. You should make things happen.

What I advise people is that when they are very sure one of their ads is a loser, they should kill it fast. Truth is, if you don’t kill it, it might end up killing your business, so deal with it.

5.    A Weak Conversion Strategy (or none at all?)

Another thing that many people do (and I mean many people) is that they spend money on Facebook Ads Campaigns but fail to have a conversion strategy in place for the leads they get. You simply cannot build a lasting business without having a way of converting new visitors to customers. You can’t keep looking for a new audience each time you want to promote an ad. It’s just like you’re throwing money into the wind.

If people don’t know you, it would be difficult for them to buy from you. So, your best bet is to get yourself or your product in front of people as many times as you possibly can. The way to get this done is by having a funnel. A funnel is a system that starts with people giving you their details, those that reach the tail end of this funnel will buy from you. The good thing about a funnel is that the buying process can be repeated multiple times since you already have their details.

I have simplified the whole process into three simple steps. You can check the post to find out.

6.    Having A Post-Image Mismatch

Images are a powerful means of passing across messages. People are many times more likely to click on an ad with an image than on one that’s filled with text. The reason is that the brain finds it easier to interpret and recognize images than text. It’s also been proven that images mixed with text give better results than those without it. So, in your Facebook Campaigns, use images.

That said, it is not enough to use just any image in your campaigns. For instance, I won’t advise you to use images of cats if you’re targeting an audience that’s predominantly male and that’s focused on body building. I don’t know how many of such people will be eager to click on your ads. You should use ads that will resonate with your audience. In this scenario, an image of Mr Universe could yield better results.

7.    Ignoring Your Audience

You are promoting to humans, not machines, so you would need to deal with them as such. Humans have feelings, humans face problems, and humans have questions. So when you put out an ad or launch an advertising campaign, you should also be ready to receive feedback. If there are genuine concerns and questions from people, be quick to respond. People can forgive you if you fail to address their concerns within 24 hours but afterwards, you might make them feel you are only interested in their money. You should also remember that other people will go through people’s comments or questions (and your responses to them) before they decide to buy what you have to offer. So, you would be doing yourself a world of good if you respond quickly, even if it means that you’ll thank such a person for his response and ask him to send you a private message so that you can address his concerns.

What Else?

I have seen so many clients who have achieved phenomenal results within weeks and months using Social Media and a couple of other tools. They don’t have to wait too long before they begin to get phenomenal results. This is due to our innovative approach to marketing. To find out for FREE, check out this page.

Also, if you have questions or contributions, let me know you thoughts in the Comments section below. I’m waiting to hear from you. And please share this post so that others could learn also. Thanks.


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