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19 Questions That Will Help You Identify Your Ideal Client

19 Questions That Will Help You Identify Your Ideal Client


Discovering your ideal client is one of the most important things in marketing today. It is no longer enough to run marketing campaigns or to write blog posts or articles, hoping that it would be relevant to your audience. The time has come when you need to understand exactly who you are marketing to. Now this may be like a broken record to you or it may be the most important advice you’ll ever hear.

The person that tries to work with everyone ends up working with no one. It is really important to understand this. You really do not want to go out and market your business and pick up clients from every market space. That’s not really how it’s ever worked, and that’s not especially how it works today with Social Media. You want to be incredibly specific. Your objective for marketing needs to be incredibly singular. This means that you want to literally write an open letter to one person.

Now, I’m not trying to tell you to dismiss everybody, I’m just saying you need to identify who it is that you want to work with because in actuality, when compared with the total number of people on earth, those that will fit the criteria of being your ideal client will be a very small percentage.

In the following lines, you will find 19 questions that you can ask yourself. These questions will help you unearth the people that will be a part of your ideal audience. One thing you should also remember is that you should expect to have different types of people who will make up your ideal audience. For instance, a 40 year old woman with 2 children and who earns $250,000 per year may be as much a part of your ideal audience as a 17 year old millennial who makes less than five thousand bucks every month. If you have something to offer, both of them will require your service, the major difference would only lie in the amount of money involved. So, here are the questions that can help you craft a buyer persona – as it’s widely called.

The 19 Questions

1.      What is his (or her) job role?

People’s job roles would determine quite a number of things – like the level of expertise you would expect from them or their expected income. When a person’s income is in the 7-figure range, then you should expect such to be able to spend more money than someone who makes $50,000. But the fact that a person makes a lot of money doesn’t automatically mean that person would be an ideal client.

2.      How does his typical day look like?

Knowing how people’s typical days look like will help you know how to schedule your interaction so that both of you will benefit. If the time zone in your location is 12 hours behind that of a prospective client, you will need to think through the best time to have a discussion. In this case, you should be ready to take late night calls so that your client would take the same call in the morning.

3.      What are the skills required for his job?

You should be interested in knowing what skill type is needed to get the job done. It will help you quickly decide if you should take up the job or if you should get someone else who can handle it well to do it. If you have to, you should decline the job. It’s better not to take up a job and have your reputation intact than to take up a job and have a disgruntled client to deal with.

4.      Who does he report to or who reports to him?

If you are dealing with a corporate setup, you would want to get in contact with an individual that is at the top of the organization ladder – or someone that is very close to the top.

5.      What industry does he work in?

This question will help you decide if the person you are dealing with will be a right fit for your business. The last thing you want is to offer a square hole to someone who has a round peg.

6.     How big is the company he works for?

Big companies may have bigger pockets but you might have to deal with more bureaucracy.

7.      What does he think it means to be successful?

You shouldn’t be shocked to find out that a lot of people out there define success by how much they are able to make. While this is obviously important, you don’t want to work with someone who can sacrifice relationships and trust for money.

8.     How does he learn about new information?

There are people who never make an effort to improve themselves, they are not interested in learning about new information. These people can be very difficult to work with. On the other hand, there are people that relish challenges and there are those that see problems as an opportunity to learn something new. Those are the people you want to look out for.

9.      What blogs or news site does he read?

People that regularly update their knowledge by reading news sites and blogs will usually make good clients. If a prospective client is not interested in anything different from what he already knows, you might do yourself a world of good to stay away from such.

10. What social networks and forums does he use?

Does the person hang out on Facebook or LinkedIn? Does he make use of Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest? You should try to find out. This will help you tailor your conversation so that the content you publish on each platform would be personal in nature. You don’t want to use the same style on all platforms.

11.  How old is he?

A person’s age should tell you how much of a risk he or she is willing to take. A millennial would generally be more willing to take risks than a man who has a wife, 3 kids, a mortgage and a loan to think about.

12.  Is he married?

When both partners in a marriage are well paid, it could make it easier for one of them to take some money out to attend to other needs.

13.  How many children does he have?

The more the number of children, the less likely it is for a prospective client to want to spend money on other things.

14.  What education does he have and what’s his field of study?

It is easier to explain what chromosome is to someone who has studied biology than it is to explain gravitational force to a 2-year old. Education matters.

15.  How did he find the career path that he’s on?

It is important to know what has motivated people to choose a particular course in life. Was it a choice that was forced on them by prevailing circumstances? Were they driven by fear of the unknown? Or has it been their passion all along?

16. How does he want to talk to businesses?

Are they good communicators? Are they willing to ask for help when they need it? Or are they always trying to figure out something on their own? Do they take responsibilities for their failures and mistakes or do they keep blaming others?

17.  What recent purchases has he made?

A history of recent purchases should give you a fair idea of people’s priorities. It would tell you if they are willing to invest in their future as opposed to spending it all now.

18. What are his pain points?

What are the greatest regrets your prospective client has? Is it a missed opportunity? A loss? A denial? What are those things that they will want to do differently if they are given another chance?

19.  What are his goals?

You should want to know where your client sees himself in 1 year, in 5 years and even in 10 years. The last thing you will want is a client who is satisfied with only making ends meet. I won’t want such a client either. What you should look out for are people that want to improve their lives by taking action. Those are the people that make great success stories.

What Next?

When dealing with clients for the first time, I always get on a free call with them for 30 minutes to see where they are at the moment in their businesses, we can then chart a path together to supercharge their businesses. To schedule a free 30-minute strategy session with me click here.

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