2015 Subscription Description

Hey, how is it going today? I am writing this to describe to you what you will receive for subscribing to in 2015. The subscription for 2015 will be $120. That price is going to increase once the program is launched to $625 a year! You will get a very, very, good deal for your subscription, but we want to add to that.

You will get 2015 presales of for lead generation. You also receive free trainings from us on our lead generation secrets in social media. This is a very powerful secret of how we specifically target consumers based on their purchasing levels. Not only will you receive the training, you are also going to be placed in a closed community group to continue to receive free trainings, to continually receive questions about input, comments, concerns, as we grow near our 2015 launch date.

So, I just want to give you a quick detail of what you will be receiving for your 2015 subscription purchase. Not only are you getting your subscription for 2015, you will also be guaranteed no less than ten good leads on yearly basis. You will also be receiving free trainings on our lead generation secrets on the social media. I’ve organized a community of resources that you can use on Facebook to ask questions, express your comments or concerns, as we grow on our launch date.

You are receiving an incredible amount of value for $119.95 a year! I thank you so much for being a part of we are always servicing your business. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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